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If a Butterfly was largely finished by 2016, but I didn’t publish it then because I felt (for very good reasons) I had to complete and publish another book first. That other book, Aggravated, was finished this month, and was published on December 11, 2020. Now it’s Butterfly’s turn.

Years ago, between 2012 and 2014, I had a blog called Michael Runs the Gamut. It was primarily a blog about the various novels I was working on then. That blog is now gone, but to begin this blog I’ve decided to revive several posts from it which dealt with If a Butterfly. They should give you some idea of the plot and the scope of the story, which is currently undergoing its final edits, and will hopefully be published in both print and Kindle versions in summer 2021.

Expect the next post early in January 2021, and a new one every few weeks after that. Those posts which have been reincarnated will have a lead in line like: “Originally posted on Michael Runs the Gamut on July 21, 2012” to let you know it’s from that blog, and when I wrote that post. They will largely be identical to the originals, although I may edit a few of them if I think they give away a little too much of the story.

If you have any questions, please feel free to post a comment below.

Michael Sirois

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