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My new two-book series, If a Butterfly, centers around the epic migration of a tagged female Monarch butterfly from the north shore of Lake Ontario to the oyamel forests of Michoacan, Mexico.

The series, which is at times quirky and lighthearted, also treats the plight of Monarchs seriously, and illustrates the difficulty of their journey with genuine concern. Because of your regard for Monarchs, I think you might be interested in it.

I believe it’s an accurate fictional portrait of a Monarch migration. Two of the people I consulted with were Nancy Greig (the former director of the Houston Museum of Natural Science) and Chip Taylor (the director of Monarch Watch). There also are some scenes with Nancy and Chip in the series, and I’ve promised to donate part of the profits to Monarch Watch, so any books sold will contribute to a good cause.

As the story progresses, our butterfly connects with a number of other characters in a variety of ways (a teacher, a quilter, a married couple on vacation, someone who hears voices no one else hears, a scientist, a grad student, a radio deejay, and an astronaut). Initially, she intersects the paths of a few of those people during her migration, changing the trajectory of her journey in the process. As a result of that interaction, the lives of all the characters become intertwined.

If a Butterfly was the 2nd Place Winner in the 2020 Gutsy Great Novelist Page One Prize, and an early excerpt from Book Two was featured in the 2006 Rice University Writers Gallery.

The books are available in both print and Kindle versions at the following web addresses.

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I’ve been describing the story as something like Six Degrees of Separation from Kevin Bacon (if Kevin just happened to be a butterfly). Check out a quote from Book One at the very bottom of this page.

Also, please forward a link to this page to anyone else you think might be interested in the series. The more the merrier.



Quote from Dick Jarvis in Book One, Chrysalis

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