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My new two-book series, If a Butterfly, is now available, and one of the characters is a quilter, so I thought you might be interested in it. In the series, Stella Lambert, after being recently widowed, decides to move from Texas to the Lancaster area of Pennsylvania because she and her husband visited there many times on vacation, and she remembers the area fondly.

She has a dilemma, though. Although she had a reputation as a good quilter in Texas, no one knows anything about her skills in her new home. Starting over is hard, but she’s determined to succeed. Check out a quote from her at the very bottom of the page.

There are also a number of other characters in the books who are facing their own challenges (a teacher, a married couple on vacation, a woman who hears voices no one else hears, a scientist, a grad student from the UK, a radio deejay, an astronaut, and a butterfly). The butterfly intersects the paths of a few of those people during its annual migration, and their lives and the lives of the others become intertwined.

If a Butterfly was the 2nd Place Winner in the 2020 Gutsy Great Novelist Page One Prize, and an excerpt from Book Two was featured in the 2006 Rice University Writers Gallery.

The books are available in both print and Kindle versions at the following web addresses.

Buy Here (United States):

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Buy Here: (United Kingdom)

I’ve been describing the story as something like Six Degrees of Separation from Kevin Bacon (if Kevin just happened to be a butterfly).

Please feel free to give a link to this page to anyone else you think might be interested in the series. The more the merrier.



See Stella’s quote below.


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